Donate Medical Equipment & Supplies

We are in need and committed to fight breast cancer. Located in Nairobi Kenya ,we serve the poorest nations and population in human race. What may seem like an outdated medical equipment to your facility,could be the best thing that has ever happened to African women.

We need screening equipment, x-ray films, medications and medical supplies. Almost any hospital in the developed world has surplus or outdated equipment they would like to dispose. Help us help the women in Africa to fight breast and cervical cancer. Please only donate equipment that are in working condition and supplies that is not expired.

The following is our priority list of medical equipment and supplies we need the most.

  1. Mammogram machines: Kenya has less than 10 mammogram machines in the whole country. We have a goal of adding 10 machines in the next 3 years, and another 10 throughout the East Africa. Please donate a new or used functional mammogram machine.

  2. X-ray films and CR systems: We rely heavily on donors and volunteers. The ability to use computer technology would help radiologist from all over the world volunteer to read our images and report directly online. We have very few radiologists in Kenya. Some areas like South Sudan may have none. Help us save women lives.

  3. Ultrasound Machines: Every mammography center we setup needs an ultrasound machine for advanced breast imaging and biopsy purposes.

  4. Laboratory Machines: We need to have a full hematology, histology and chemistry labs capable of testing biopsy specimens, blood work, etc.

  5. Gardisil® vaccines: We have no cervical cancer vaccines as of now. We are hoping to get this from donors in order to offer cervical cancer vaccinations to informed teens.

  6. Medical Supplies: We need needles, syringes, suction setup, oxygen generators and accessories for our clients. We also need surgical equipment and supplies. There is nothing too small in Africa.  A small donation in your eyes could save a generation. We need your help



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