Breast Cancer Treatment in Kenya

Diagnosed cases of breast cancer have to be treated; otherwise, there is no reason screening for breast cancer without following through. African societies are held together by women and we cannot afford to neglect the most important members of the household. Mothers, Women make the world what it is today.

We need heavy donors and volunteers. We lack medical equipments, facilities, medications and expertise to combat breast cancer. Could you help a woman whose life could be saved by a lumpectomy? A mastectomy? Please help us help desperate women in Kenya and East Africa.

How we help:

With your donations, we facilitate treatment of breast cancer patients using available facilities. These facilities are simply not available due to competition by other diseases in Kenya making hospitals over crowded. Majority of hospital beds in Kenya are occupied by 2 patients with some sleeping on the floor. We work 6with these patients in the current situation but we hope to build a breast cancer treatment centers

We Are Desperate

A simple image search on google can give a better picture of how bad medical wards are in Kenya. We have to work with what we have but we have no medical equipment and expertise. One doctor could be responsible for hundreds of patients making it impossible to give personalized patient care.

Are you a medical professional, come on to Kenya and help us! Every medical professional can help make a difference in Kenyan women. Even giving them bottled water could be more than they can ask for. Patients die due to lack of clean water, oxygen, infected wounds etc.

Whether you just want to volunteer expertise as a surgeon, physician, radiologist, nurse, student intern, research student or any other discipline, we’ll greatly appreciate your presence.

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