Commitment Statement



Cancer Free Women commits to reducing the severity of breast cancer in Africa by providing awareness, education, screening and treatment facilitation. Our street-level viral approach focuses on making breast cancer awareness an ongoing activity, changing how breast & cervical cancer is addressed. Our initial mission country is Kenya with a goal to spread throughout East Africa by 2017.


Cancer Free Women commits to creating grassroots outreach using churches and women groups around the country. Our target is to reach 100,000 women by the end of 2014 and 10,000 donor funded and self funded mammographies. Cancer Free Women aims to engage our local communities in making the fight against women cancer a visible priority; using public relations resources to engage the media and policy makers in our fight against cancer; train network of grassroots volunteer crusaders that engage more and more volunteers and their circles of acquaintances in education, advocacy and awareness activities; and finally, using donors, facilitate free or heavily subsidized mammograms and treatment access in Africa. Cancer Free Women aims at attracting global skilled volunteers like radiologist, oncologist, oncology surgeons and nurses to facilitate cheap or free cancer treatment. We will work to enable more and more individuals to access early screening, diagnosis and good treatment.

Cancer Free Women main focus is to use cheapest or free resources to achieve free or heavily subsidized cancer screening and treatment for African women. These resources include: –

  1. Creating a database of global donors and volunteers using social networking, direct solicitation and partnering with social enterprises.
  2. Creating and maintaining media contacts
  3. Creating self-interest in breast cancer awareness campaigns through reward and recognition programs backed by media and local government(s).
  4. Use of local church organization like Catholic Women Association (CWA) and Women Guild to spread the word to the grassroot women organizations.


Technically, per CDC guidelines, all women over 40 are included in this target. Cancer Free Women strategy is to reach thousands of potential volunteers and donors through social networking websites. Through education using online platforms, community based outreach, Cancer Free Women aims at reaching initial 100,000 women by the end of 2014 and a million African women by third year. We’ll initiate in-church women education programs where target groups can be easily reached and use community based participatory research approach (CBPR) to create continuity and virility nature.

This way, thousands of women can receive the breast health education, hot-line number access, access to mammography and clinical screening centers. Cancer Free Women education program will teach primary educators how to teach early detection guidelines for breast cancer, and in turn spread the word to others and promote the messages “early detection is the best protection”and “mammograms save lives.” An even broader audience will be impacted through attracting media to broadcast our campaigns.