Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign in Kenya

We work to create breast cancer awareness in Kenya & East Africa. Breast cancer awareness is an effort to make the public aware of existence of the disease, dangers, prevention and treatment options available; and reduce the stigma of breast cancer through education on symptoms and treatment. Breast cancer awareness supporters hope that greater knowledge will lead to earlier detection of breast cancer, which is associated with higher long-term survival rates.

Cancer Free women foundation also do breast cancer advocacy hand in hand with breast cancer awareness program. Breast cancer advocates and awareness crusader raise funds and lobby for better care, more knowledge, and more patient empowerment. We conduct educational campaigns or provide free or low-cost services. Breast cancer culture, sometimes called pink ribbon culture, is the cultural outgrowth of breast cancer advocacy, social movement that supports it, and the larger women’s health movement. Our goal is to get law makers and governments in general to not only acknowledge breast cancer but also do something about it to protect current and future generations.

How we do it.

Open field campaigns: We hold free open air campaigns in social areas like sports stadiums, market places etc to educate and screen for breast cancer. Corporate sponsors and donors primarily fund these events. The average open air breast cancer awareness campaign cost about $7,500.

Sponsor an open field/open air campaign

Church/Community based women group outreach: We recognize these women groups in churches as basic units of identity. Using community based breast cancer awarenessapproach; we educate local women in their original environment using members of their acquaintance. We recognize that repetition is the mother of all skills and learning. We teach over and over again until a measurable positive change is achieved. The cost of educating/reaching one (1) high risk breast cancer woman is only $2.00. We target to reach in multiples of 50 women per church target.

Sponsor a church based outreach

Printed materials & public audio-visual shows: We realize that with simple to read and understand information, thousands of people can be reached and informed about breast cancer. We encourage EVERYONE to print breast cancer brochures and hand them to their local community women. We have brochures written in different languages. We also use audio/visual methods to reach targeted groups like schools, colleges and universities.

Social Media: We use social media to reach the most needed sponsors and donors. We also use social media to engage the world to join us in the fight against breast cancer.