Free Breast Cancer Screening in Kenya

Free Breast Cancer Screening in Kenya

Every year on October, the world join hands for a whole month to fight breast cancer through breast cancer awareness month. Third world countries like Kenya have been observing breast cancer month and a number of non-governmental organizations (NGO) have started offering free breast cancer screening and awareness. The breast cancer awareness month campaign originated in the United States in 1985 through a partnership between American Cancer Society and AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical Company.

Cancer Free Women® is planning to offer free breast cancer screening to thousands of Kenyans every year during breast cancer awareness month.  Our goal is to educate thousands of women how to do Self Breast Exams (BSE) and how to detect early signs of abnormal breast changes.

We encourage as many women to participate in this event as possible. All updates regarding the venues and schedules will be posted on our website momentarily.

We would also like to solicit corporate, private and religious donors to help us make breast cancer awareness campaigns possible. We hope to be holding free screening campaigns every month across Kenya and East Africa.

May God help us and may your prayers be answered.


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    Where are you located

If you would like to share your breast cancer story, email your story on Microsoft word to cancerfreewomen[at]

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