Tribute Donations

Celebrate and commemorate the life of a family member, friend, staff member or colleague by making a gift in their honor.  No gift is too small in Africa to honor a loved one. Your gift is a wonderful way to show honor and respect to someone important in your life.

Examples of tribute and memorial contribution ideas.

  1. Hold a fund raiser among your friends to honor your Mom’s or loved one memorial day. We work to save lives of mothers in Africa. You may have lost your Mom or a loved one in the past and you would like to show respect and honor. Depending on the amount you raise, we may be able to create a lifetime memorial structure. Example, we could name an imaging center after your loved one. We could name a hallway after your loved one. The ideas are endless.
  2. Together with your family and friends, you could choose to sponsor a cancer awareness campaign in Africa. Sponsor mammograms to a number of women during cancer awareness month or breast cancer awareness week, etc
  3. engraved-brickWe have memorial bricks on sale for your loved ones. Wouldn’t it be great to celebrate your loved one with a lifetime engraved brick on a wall?  Each brick could sponsor a minimum of 10 mammograms.

Contact us for memorial gifts and donations

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