Women Cancer Problems in Africa

When we talk about breast cancer in Africa, it always sound like a foreign language to most African women. When we talk about cervical cancer and how we can protect our women against these preventable diseases, some think we are out of our minds. Some think it is not an “African issue”. Some think it is associated with witch, family curse. Some men believe it comes from women promiscuity.

Breast Cancer.

HIV/AIDS & Malaria are true killers. These 2 diseases have received enough attention that everyone knows something about them. Thanks to the world coming together against these communicable diseases.

In Africa, breast cancer kills more women over age 40 than HIV/AIDS & Malaria Combined. Unfortunately, there no basic awareness about breast cancer in Africa. In some parts of Kenya, women with breast cancer are abandoned, beaten or accused of being unfaithful/promiscuous. They are left to die in hospitals. One woman at a time, we got to change the way Breast Cancer perceived in Africa.