How You Can Help

Cancer Free Women relies on donors like you to make a difference in East African women lives. No donation is too small to make a difference in Africa. Our goal is to screen 1,000 women for breast cancer a month. With your help, we can exceed this goal

An emotional woman could’t hold off her tears after her live was saved by a mammogram donation. She said…”You loved me and you didn’t even know me. I am alive today with my kids because of your kindness. May God bless you with a million times more”


Again there is nothing like too small of a donation in Africa. You could sponsor a person known to you or a random high risk woman for mammography.  With your sponsorship, you will get updates, pictures and information about the person that benefited from your donation.

Sponsor a Mammogram


You could make your loved one memorial an event to save women lives in Africa. We encourage this group/family event to target larger groups of women. Example, most churches in Africa have women groups like “Women Guild”, “Catholic Women Association” (CWA), etc. The average age in these groups is 40 years old, an age when mammograms should be done annually.

Your tribute donations could save many lives from breast cancer. Even if only one live is saved, it’s all worth it. Majority of bread winners in African families are women. Saving one woman life means saving a generation. The lives of such generations in danger rely on your help. Your Tribute shall forever live

Tribute & Memorial Sponsorships


Corporations around the world are teaming up to save lives of women in Africa. We encourage corporate sponsors to fund national event like breast cancer awareness walks, mass breast cancer screening and education programs, donate mammograms machines or equip surgery centers. Your donations are all tax-deductible.

Corporate Sponsors Information


We encourage churches and all religious organizations to sponsor women for screening and conduct education through church gatherings. Example, Presbyterian churches in USA could sponsor women over age 40 for free or subsidized mammograms and free education.  Catholic churches could sponsor African Catholic Women Associations for the same. It’s never too late to make a change. One woman saved could mean a whole generation guaranteed continuity.


Cancer Free Women would benefit from many hospital equipment. We can make good use of your aging ultrasound machines, mammograms and surgical equipment. We also could benefit from hospital supplies like infusion sets, bandages, medications and vaccinations against cervical cancer. Any healthcare facility in America has something Cancer Free Women foundation could use. Help us make a change in the world.

Healthcare Sponsors


One of the greatest ways to control and treat cancer is through education. Cancer Free Women would greatly appreciate education and training of local healthcare providers and clinicians in Africa. Example, Kenya, the biggest economy in East Africa has only 4 (FOUR) oncologists. Very few oncology trained nurses and clinicians exist. In countries like Tanzania, Uganda and South Sudan there are no oncologists at all. This is one area where you can help. Sponsor training of local health care workers to cause a positive change.

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