Medical Mission Trip to Kenya

leopard in KenyaKenya and Africa in general need help from any well-wisher from all over the world. Kenya is certainly a place to volunteer with mountains and deserts, colorful tribal lineages and orphanages, animal orphanages, cities and some of Africa’s best wildlife attractions. East Africa is thought to be one of the richest ecosystems in the whole world. Kenya in particular has very stunning landscapes that set each scene.  Kenya’s rich and unique culture is attributed to the Kenyan people all who are uniquely identified with their own particular tribe, yet 98% are Africans by heritage.  Kenya is known to be among the friendliest countries in the world. With thousands of westerners flocking the country to watch the world most natural big animals and big cats, Kenya is definitely a place to be. Kenya has one of the world’s highest breast cancer related deaths in the world. Over 80% of diagnosed breast cancer cases in Kenya are stage 3 or 4. The mortality rate is over 80%. Up to 20% of diagnosed 3-4th stage breast cancer cases are Fungating Breast masses.

Our community based health education and risk assessment programs have a strong emphasis on breast cancer screening, self exam education, imaging and treatment facilitation. Our immediate focus is creating awareness and educating local women on how to identify breast abnormalities.

Mission trip to Kenya helps support breast cancer related awareness campaigns, education, screening and treatment facilitation.

Mission Trips Packages

The cost of mission trip to Kenya is $1800 only plus air ticket for 2 weeks, $2200 for a whole month. This will afford you accommodation, meals and transportation to scheduled mission destinations.

Other Expenses

Travelers are responsible for air ticket and maintenance (pocket-money). Trips to wildlife and scenery viewing are extra. There are so many attractions in Kenya that we let you choose. Costs are relatively cheap.